50 Years in the Quartz Fabrication Industry

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Custom Fused Quartz & Labware Fabrication Services

Quartz Fabrication
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Quartz Fabrication
  Quartz Fabrication
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Quartz Fabrication
Fused Quartz Fabrication

At QSI we are the experts at finding better ways to design state-of-the-art fused quartz fabrication products of every shape and size. These quartz glass fabrications are made to meet the diverse laboratory and process needs of our customers around the globe. Many of our production processes involve the use of proprietary equipment engineered to our specifications to provide fused quartz fabrications and lab ware of the highest purity and strength.

QSI fused quartz fabrications’ purity levels (99.998% SiO2) are attained by careful screening of raw material, meticulous attention to detail, and stringent quality control throughout the various manufacturing stages. QSI also stocks and supplies quartz glass in the other forms such as tubing, rods, ingots, plates, discs, and cylinders. From thin-wall boiling and distilling flasks to heavy-wall diffusion tubes used to process semiconductor wafers at furnace temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees C. QSI offers custom fused quartz fabrications and other products to customer specification and configuration. As well, QSI can make repairs of fused quartz glass fabrications when feasible.

Most products are available in opaque, transparent and arc fused (Type TPL) forms. QSI fused quartz fabrication products meet or exceed all industry standards for physical, thermal, chemical, mechanical and electric properties.

Quartz Scientific, which offers the flexibility and service typically associated with smaller firms, offers custom quartz fabrication, a process in which quartz is heated in a glass-blowing lathe with a hydrogen-oxygen flame until it is plasticized and can be formed into any shape. A thermodynamic process, it can be used for lamp bodies, resizing, manifolding, repair, fabricated tube, prototype shapes, diameters, and lengths. It works well for a variety of shapes up to 32” in diameter and up to 10’ long. Purity is 99.99+% with a thin or heavy wall. Typical products include crucibles, process tubes, bell jars, cylinders, furnace tubes, beakers, dishes and related products for the laboratory, semi-conductor, solar silicon, university research and medical sectors. Quartz Scientific can handle small- to large-volume production runs and offers 100% inspection, product characterization and ISO 9002 certification. Lead time is the best in the industry.

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Custom Quartz Fabrication Capability

Process Quartz Fabrication
Glass Blowing Lathe
Hydrogen/Oxygen Flame
Material High Purity Clear Fused Quartz
Capabilities Lamp Bodies
Fabricated Tubes
Prototype Shapes
Shapes Rounds
Diameter Up to 32 in
Tube Diameter Resizing Up to 600 mm
Length Up to 10 ft
Thickness Thin Wall
Heavy Wall
Purity 99.99+%
Temperature Up to 1500° C
Typical Products Crucibles
Process Tubes
Bell Jars
Resized Tubes
Furnace Tubes
Ball Joints
Tapered Joints
Socket Joints
Boiling Flasks
Erlenmeyer Flasks
Quality 100% Inspection
Product Characterization
Testing Dimensional
Production Volume Small Volume to Large Scale Production Runs
Lead Time Best in the Industry
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Additional Information

Industry Focus Laboratory
Solar Silicon
University Research
Industry Standards ISO 9002 Certified
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