Quartz Tubing Beads

These fused quartz tubing beads are cut from our high purity semiconductor grade quartz tubing. They are often used as a filter medium, heat sink or in a variety of other laboratory applications. Quartz beads are sold by weight (oz.).

Item #Product NameInside Diameter (mm)Outside Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Sold per
3910102Quartz Tubing Beads 1 mm ID x 2mm OD x 2mm L 1 2 2 Ounce Add to Cart
3910406Quartz Tubing Beads 4mm ID x 6mm OD x 6mm L 4 6 6 Ounce Add to Cart
3911113Quartz Tubing Beads 11mm ID x 13mm OD x 13mm L 11 13 13 Ounce Add to Cart